Namitha talks about her weight loss on TV (VIDEO)

image saying about weight loss of namitha kapoor

Namitha hot actress talking about her weight loss. she made a tremendous change of her figure! Namitha stayed on in Chennai during her troubled times instead of moving back to her native Surat. “Today whatever I am, it is all because of the love and affection showered by my Tamil …

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Actress Namitha sex video leaked


There is a rumor out there that Tamil hot actress Namitha Kapoor leaked her sex tape by herself. Namitha web team inspecting the news to reveal the real thought behind the rumor.   Here is the video went viral on social media.

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Namitha Pramod hot photos

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Namitha Pramod was born in Kumarakam as the daughter of Pramod and Indu, Namitha is currently settled at Thiruvanthapuram. Namitha’s father is a business man at Kottayam. Popular actor Kumarakam Raghunath is the brother of Pramod, her father. She is supported by her younger sister Akhita . Namitha is currently …

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Namith Selfies with the hero of ‘Pulimurugan’


Through strict diet and workouts, Namitha got enormously slimmer. She is now starring a comeback to films with Malayalam superstar Mohanlal’s much-awaited project “Pullimurugan”. Namitha’s selfies with Mohanlal went viral on internet last Sunday. Even though Namitha’s role in the film stell unknown to people. Critics thinks that she will have a significant …

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